Car Maintenance Tips: Fall’s 5 DIY’s for Your Car

Car Maintenance Tips: Fall’s 5 DIY’s for Your Car

Fall Car

Trees are dying, the cold is coming, and inclement weather is on its way REALLY soon…no it’s not the end of the world…it’s FALL! Finally the hot summer days are coming to a close. Here five helpful tips to get your car ready for the next season, all by your self.

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Car Buying Advice: Why Does it Take So Long?

The number one complaint I hear from customers interested in a new car is that the entire process takes too long. I know how they feel. However, there are reasons why this happens and ways that dealerships are making it easier for customers (I know because I work for one).

Here is how the process of buying a new vehicle breaks down.

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Car Buying Advice: 5 Reasons to Take a Test Drive

Car Buying Advice: 5 Reasons to Take a Test Drive

Test DriveWhen considering buying a new or used vehicle a lot of people want to skip the test drive and get right down to the numbers…

  1. The worst case scenario, you HATE the way that car accelerates, brakes, handles, the space, and even the smell…Congratulationsyou just bought a car that you hate and have to pay off for the next five years. I totally understand that your budget is important to you (mine is too!) but do you want something that meets your budget’s Continue reading

Car Buying Advice: The Low Down on the Down Payment

Car Buying Advice: The Low Down on the Down Payment

The #1 question I have heard when it comes to buying a car is… “How much money do I HAVE TO put down?” The first problem is that they think they HAVE TO put money down. This can be a misconception. Putting money down can be advantageous or sometimes required when you don’t want to pay interest on taxes and fees, to lower monthly payment, or the bank may require it. Continue reading

Car Buying Advice: I am Here to Help YOU!

I am Here to Help YOU

In my experience, 70% of people come to the dealership with their guard on high alert. Don’t get me wrong, I can completely understand why. It is not very often that we spend thousands and thousands of dollars on one item. Recently, I had a customer come in that was easy to work with and fun to be around. Ultimately, he understood that I am here to help, that people work harder for people they like, and overall we shared the same goal (for him to buy a car) With those three things in place, he got a great deal, a new car, and a new friend (me)

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Car Maintenance Tips: Spring Your Car Free from Winter

Spring Your Car Free from Winter



The clocks have sprung forward, the snow has pretty much gone away, the trees are starting to bud, and birds are chirping in the mornings…. sounds like spring time is here and I am ready for some warmer weather! I hope you had a wonderful winter. There are a few small things you can do to make sure your vehicle made it out of winter unscathed. Continue reading

Car Buying Advice: Cost of Ownership

Cost Of Ownership

CostofownerWhen looking into your next vehicle, make sure to not only consider the price of the vehicle, but consider the cost of owning that vehicle. Fuel, maintenance, repairs, depreciation, insurance, taxes, and loan terms are all factors that go into the cost of owning your new vehicle.

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Car Buying Advice: Trading In Your Car

Trading In Your Car

The other day, I had a customer who chose a vehicle and negotiated a great price before they arrived at the dealership. They loved the vehicle that we had picked out together. Like many of the new car deals, we were going to be taking a loss on the vehicle.

When the customer got to the dealership, the mentioned they had a trade.

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Car Buying Advice: Wait Until Month’s End?

calendar2When buying a new car, everyone says, “oh, wait until the end of the month, you’ll get a better deal!”

In my experience in the car business, I am here to tell you, that idea is BONKERS! Maybe it held true long ago when my parents and your parents were buying cars and trucks. But, nowadays it is an inaccurate statement. Continue reading

Car Buying Advice: Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD)

Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD).

This is a great article that really helps explain the wonderfulness of Toyota’s Hybrid system…made famous by the Prius!  Remember the first Prius? The 1997 Toyota Prius was first released concept in 1995 and started hitting retail lots by 1997 in Japan and it took four years for it to reach the United States. It has come a long way, and it is a blast to drive!

1996 Prototype Prius

1996 Prototype Prius


1997 First Generation Prius

2013 Prius Plug In

2013 Prius Plug In